About Us

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Our Mission:

Inspiration and prosperity through education.

John Jay Center for Learning, located in downtown Portland, Indiana, is dedicated to helping people achieve satisfaction and lifelong employability through education.

Services include
  • Traditional college courses
  • Vocational training courses
  • Career planing
  • Training and certifications 

John Jay Center for Learning provides services for Jay County and the surrounding areas. Our programs offer a variety of options, regardless of a person's age or education level. In order to deliver these services, John Jay Center for Learning partners with Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Purdue Polytechnic, Vincennes University, Indiana Wesleyan University. Through a partnership with the Jay School Corporation we are also able to offer Adult Basic Education and High School Equvalency programs. John Jay Center for Learning also has valuable community partners who support our educational mission.

Board of Directors 2017-2018
President - Jeremy Gulley, Superintendent of the Jay School Corporation
Vice-President- Dave Hyatt, CEO of Jay County Hospital
Secretary - Douglas Inman, Executive Director of The Portland Foundation
Treasurer - Ken Fredericksen, Director of Manufacturing JRDS Industries
Other Members -
Mike Row, Director/CEO, Alliance for Strategic Growth
Carol Trimmer, Philanthropist
Barry Hudson, Philanthropist
Wes Schemenaur, Jay County Prosecutor
Dean Jetter, CEO of Fort Recovery Industries 
Ex-Officio Members - Jay County Development Corporation executive director Bill Bradley,  and Interim Chancellor/ Ivy Tech,  Jeff Scott.
Rusty Inman - Executive Director

Carolyn Carducci - Student Services Advisor

Becky Kelley - Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Inman - PayRoll / Accounts Payable
Rogina Prescott , Bobbie Taylor and Priscilla McFarland - Evening Receptionists 
Priscilla & Michael McFarland - Building Custodian & Maintenance Coordinators

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